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        ACTIVE ADULTS                        you to utilize the Adult Recreation   CHAIR YOGA

        The Fitness Room at Roswell’s Adult   center fitness room, the Roswell Adult   Chair Yoga exercises are done while
                                             Aquatics Center and some classes at
                                                                                   sitting on, leaning on or holding onto
        Rec Center is a 2,500-square-foot    no cost.                              a chair. This makes it a great way to
        facility filled with state-of-the-art                                      practice yoga for people of all ages
        cardio and strength equipment, a     BODY SCULPT                           and those with limited mobility. In
        private stretching room, lockers, and   This class is designed to improve   addition to a good stretch, chair yoga
        showers. Monthly, quarterly and yearly   muscular endurance, build lean body   participants can also enjoy other
        memberships are offered.             mass as well as sculpt, tone and      health benefits of yoga, including
                                             strengthen muscle groups of the       improved muscle tone, better
        FITNESS CONSULTATION ARC             upper and lower body. Meets at Adult
        Meet with a personal trainer who     Rec Center.                           breathing habits, reduction of stress
                                                                                   better sleep, and a sense of well-
        will evaluate your strength, flexibility,                                  being. Meets at Adult Rec Center.
        and balance to help you formulate an   PILATES
        individualized exercise plan for your   This is the ultimate mind and body   YOGA
        fitness goals and abilities. Please   workout: to strengthen your core     The practice of Yoga helps improve
        call 770-641-3950 to schedule an     while learning the proper forms and   strength, flexibility and balance while
        appointment.                         techniques of Mat-based Pilates.      allowing you to relax and manage the
                                             Meets at Adult Rec Center.            effects of stress. Meets at the Adult
        Our state-of-the-art facility has    BARRE WORKOUT                         Rec Center.
        everything you need to reach all your   This advanced class incorporates   TAI CHI: COMFORTABLE
        fitness goals. We also offer personal   ballet, Yoga, and Pilates into a routine   Practice Tai Chi, stretching and bring
        and group training sessions with     that uses a traditional ballet barre.   your brain waves down. The goal is to
        custom exercise plans and fitness    Isometric muscle contractions,        help you realize that having your body
        coaching. Call 770-641-3950 for      coupled with stretching techniques,   and mind work together automatically
        more information or to schedule an   can produce speedy results! This      reduces stress and frees your mind to
        appointment. SILVER SNEAKERS         popular workout is a fresh way        choose health over disease. Results
        Silver Sneakers is a benefit offered   to strengthen, tone, and work on    include better balance, more flexibility,
        to members of many Medicare          flexibility. Meets at Adult Rec Center.  calmer behavior, improved awareness,
        replacement or supplement plans.                                           body toning and peacefulness. Meets
        This benefit allows you to utilize the                                     at Adult Rec Center.
        Adult Recreation Center fitness room
        and participate in Silver Sneakers                                         YOGALATES
        classes.                                                                   Yogalates is a great beginner class
                                                                                   combination class that focuses on
        SILVER SNEAKERS                                                            Pilates, yoga and stretching to develop
        Silver Sneakers is a benefit offered                                       core strength, help tone muscles,
        to members of many Medicare                                                increase flexibility and reduce stress.
        replacement or supplement plans.                                           Great for those wanting to incorporate
        This benefit allows you to utilize the                                     some stretching and light yoga moves
        Adult Recreation Center fitness room,                                      into their workout. Meets at Adult Rec
        the Roswell Adult Aquatics Center                                          Center.
        and participate in both land and water
        Silver Sneakers classes at no cost.                                        ARTHRITIS EXERCISE

        RENEW ACTIVE                                                               Arthritis Exercise will offer participants
        A benefit offered to members of many                                       an enjoyable and safe exercise
                                                                                   program to reduce pain, fatigue and
        Medicare plans, Renew Active™ is                                           stiffness. The program also aims to
        here to help you stay fit, stay focused                                    help restore and maintain joint range
        and stay you. This benefit allows

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