Page 35 - Spring 2022 Program Brochure
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RECREATION                             Summer camp
          Join us for a Summer Job Fair!


          Laptops will be available and employees will be on hand          Monday, February 28th 5-7pm
            to answer questions, assist in filling out applications,      East Roswell Recreation Center
          and make sure everything is complete when submitting
           your application for your summer job! Make sure you               Tuesday, March 1st 5-7pm
             come with all your information handy (references,       Bill Johnson Community Activity Building
                      previous job information, etc.)

                                                                      Parents! Need some assistance planning your
                                                                          summer? Take the guess work out of
               Saturday, March 12th 10:30am- 1:30pm                     summer! Come meet with an expert camp
               Bill Johnson Community Activity Building               consultant and we will help you navigate our
                                                                      registration system, get camps added to your
                 Saturday, April 16th 10:30am-1:30pm                   favorites, and plan out your child’s summer!
                    East Roswell Recreation Center                               Just drop in either day!

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