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some extended relaxation periods
        HEALTH AND WELLNESS                                                        consisting of iRest Yoga Nidra that

        AT THE BILL JOHNSON COMMUNITY ACTIVITY BUILDING                            can help deal with stress. Class will
        Bill Johnson Community Activity Building fitness center includes combination   increase your awareness of the things
        weight equipment, hand weights and a variety of cardiovascular equipment,   we all do, such as poor posture habits,
        allowing for a complete workout. Ages 15+.                                 which contribute to our aches and
                                                                                   pains. These coed classes are for
        PERSONAL TRAINING BJCAB:                                                   beginner through advanced students.
        Reach your personal fitness goals by   YOGA BJCAB 10 WK.                   Ages 15+.
        enhancing it with one of our certified   Stretch and tone with YOGA! These   WORLD YOSHUKAI KARATE
        personal trainer! Each training session   coed classes are for participants of all
        is 1 hour. After registering, call the Bill   levels. Stretches, poses, and relaxation   Increase your physical strength,
        Johnson Community Activity Building   techniques are used to improve       flexibility, and mental discipline
        (BJCAB) to get information about     flexibility, muscle tone, strength, and   with your family or individually as
        scheduling an appointment. Ages 15+.   help in stress management. Ages 15+.   part of the World Yoshukai Karate
                                                                                   Kobudo Organization. Traditional
        PERSONALIZED FITNESS CLASS           GENTLE YOGA                           Japanese karate self-defense, board
        Do you have a group of friends,      Includes positional yoga postures     breaking, develop self-discipline,
        coworkers, or club members           to correct postural imbalances and    sparring. Opportunities to compete in
        interested in a customized fitness   help deal with back and neck pain     tournaments and belt checks when
        class at a scheduled time that works   associated with injuries. Also, includes   skill level is ready. Ages 7+. Meets at
        for all of you? If so, please contact                                      BJCAB.
                                             HEALTH AND WELLNESS
        AM EXPRESS
        A self-directed program that includes   AT EAST ROSWELL REC CENTER
        cardio exercise, free-play basketball,
        racquetball, fitness room and weight   FIT BODY BOOTCAMP EAST              techniques are used to improve
        lifting. All of these activities can give   Bootcamp is great for all fitness levels   flexibility, muscle tone, strength, and
        you an early-morning, well-rounded   and also those looking for a change   help in stress management. Ages 15+.
        workout. Ages 18 +.                  to their routine. This class will not only   Meets at East Roswell Rec Center.
                                             utilize some of our fields, but also our
        BOOT CAMP                            trails, outdoor fitness equipment and   ZUMBA
        Push yourself with circuit training,   indoor gym. Please bring water and a    A fun way to get a great cardio
        core work, and cardio to improve     towel. Age on date of class. Ages 15+.   workout and learn some hot new
        your muscular strength, endurance,   Meets at East Roswell Rec Center.     moves you can use on the dance
        and cardiovascular capacity. Great                                         floor! Moves are derived from Latin
        workout for beginners through        GUTS N GLUTES                         dance and mind/body exercises.
        advanced athletes. Age 15+           This class will target your Guts and   Come experience high energy, hot
                                             Glutes with a series of strength      moves, lots of sweat and fun! Ages
        MAT PILATES                          building, stability and power exercises   15+. Meets at East Roswell Rec
        The ultimate mind and body workout:   designed to shape the glutes and     Center.
        Pilates works the core muscles and   flatten the mid-section. All fitness
        incorporates isometric exercise with   levels are welcome. Ages 15+. Meets
        flexibility and strengthening exercises   at East Roswell Rec Center.
        all done on the mat. Mat 3 is an
        advanced class working at a fast pace   YOGA
        without stopping and focusing on     Stretch and tone with YOGA! These
        advanced control and strength. This   coed classes are for participants of all
        class is not taught at various levels.   levels. Stretches, poses, and relaxation
        Ages 16+. Meets at BJCAB.

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