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                                                             at East Roswell Park, 9100 Fouts Rd., 770-594-6134
        Tapering, bending,                                   Join our chef for all types of themed 2 hour workshops on
        twisting, joining – our                              Saturdays.  Parent/ child, seasonal themed, and more. Each
        blacksmithing, knife-                                one is different! Ages 4-12.
        making and welding                                   ADULT COOKING WORKSHOPS
        courses encompass
        the many ways artisans                               Spice up your Saturday night with these themed nights!
        work to transform and                                Great for couples, friends, and girl’s nights! Adult beverages
        manipulate metal into                                permitted.
        functional, ornamental,                              ADULT ART & CUISINE NIGHTS
        and decorative objects.                              Create an artful masterpiece in the kitchen and in the art

        Our metal program at the                             studio in this 4 hour date night! Adult beverages permitted
        Forge at Art Center West                             YOUTH AND ADULT WORKSHOPS:
        offers 1-day instructional overviews, 2-day intensive   We now offer a variety of new workshops at Art Center East
        workshops, and 4 or 8-week foundational courses for   at East Roswell Park with flexibility in dates and times.
        entry level and skilled artists alike.
        Whether at the anvil or fabrication table, our
        knowledgeable instructors use a combination of       EVENTS AT ART CENTER WEST
        lecture and hands-on training in our outdoor facility to   Ichiyo School of Ikebana Exhibition, April 21 -23
        deliver inspirational programming that will not soon be   Members of the Ichiyo School of Ikebana, Atlanta Chapter,
        forgotten. Our friendly staff welcomes all participants,   are pleased to present an ikebana exhibit featuring Japanese
        no matter your level of experience.                  style floral arrangements in contemporary styles.
        For more information on all of our metal working     Ichiyo School teaches that imagination and feeling are as
        opportunities, visit    important as creative design and the proper selection of
                                                             materials and containers. It is not just flowers in a vase; it is
        Private Parties and Workshops                        an art of human communication. “If flower arranging is to be
        Private parties and workshops are available for both   truly fulfilling, it should be a reflection of oneself.”
        clay and metal classes.Please contact AJ Argentina at   Arrangements of the Ichiyo School arouse our senses in or 770-641-3990 if you     a different way from traditional Ikebana, giving the viewer
        have specific questions about any of our programs.
                                                             an unexpected, stimulating and profound experience with
                                                             The show will be short, but alive and one not to miss.
                                                             Members will be on site daily to discuss and refine their
                                                             Works in Clay: Art Center West’s annual Spring Works in
                                                             Clay Studio Show and Sale
                                                             Opening Reception: Thursday, May 19, 7-9 p.m.
                                                             Sale Continues May 20-22 & May 27-28, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
                                                             This exciting event features more than 40 local artists, who
                                                             are members of the Roswell Clay Collective. Works in Clay
                                                             presents handmade artwork that encompasses functional,
                                                             sculptural and whimsical ceramics. There is something for
                                                             everyone —from those looking for smart gift ideas to serious
                                                             collectors searching for that special work of art.

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