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        at Leita Thompson Park, 1355 Woodstock Rd., Roswell GA 30075 • 770-641-3990

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        many search for personal meaning     a reflection of you. Whether it’s the   elevate your knowledge and immerse
        by investing their time and effort in   color, the texture, the shape, or just   yourself in a creative community
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        for a bit more to enjoy the slower-paced   often treasured and valued far beyond   opportunities to inspire your handmade
        power of handmade. The act of making   an item that was made for mass     mojo.
        functional and sculptural objects by   consumption.

        Youth and Adult Functional Pottery and Sculptural Clay
        Interested in learning how to
        make pottery or clay sculpture?
        Sure, you can could absolutely
        learn how to make pottery from
        books and YouTube videos, but for
        most, it’s a lot much more fun and
        engaging to learn with hands-on
        effort, a community of peers, and
        a live instructor. You also might
        be Wondering if a pottery class is
        really worth your time, effort and
        money? At Art Center West, our
        instructors will personalize your
        learning experience and provide
        you with the materials, equipment,
        and knowledge necessary to create
        functional or sculptural clay works
        right for you. Our demonstration-
        based programs build confidence,
        inspire creativity and instill pride.
        Participants will reconnect with
        their hands and community while
        igniting exciting and imaginative
        possibilities. As you turn into the
        drive at Art Center West you will be
        entering a community of artists,
        beginners, professionals, friends
        and forever students ready to
        welcome everyone.

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