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Aquatics                             Cultural Arts

        This introductory-level class        This art program enables each participant to be creative and innovative, working
        incorporates fun aquatic activities   on three different mediums over the course of six weeks. Students will explore
        designed to increase strength,       clay, painting, and multimedia art projects. Ages 12+.
        flexibility, and endurance. Class
        is designed to support individuals   ADAPTIVE CLAY
        with disabilities. Water shoes are   Students will have sensorial fun experimenting with clay, creating lasting pieces,
        encouraged. Ages 10+.                and engaging within a space that supports each person. Class will focus on
                                             discovering hidden strengths, special gifts, and building self-esteem. While each
        NEVERLAND ADAPTIVE AQUATICS          person’s needs and requirements are unique, together we will uncover what
        The City of Roswell has partnered    works best for each individual. Ages 18+. Location: Visual Arts Center.
        with Neverland Adaptive Aquatics to
        offer aquatic classes and programs   ADAPTIVE MOVEMENT AND MUSIC
        for people with disabilities. Our    The focus of this program is to build fitness, self-esteem, and creative
        professionals offer individualized   expression. Each class will give participants a chance to express their
        lessons in a fun and supportive      uniqueness through movement and creative dancing. Different movement props
        learning environment. Available class   will be incorporated throughout the program. Ages 18+.
        types include private, semi-private,
        and small group options, which are all
        taught by professional WSI-certified   Spring Break Friendship Camp
        instructors. An Adaptive Swim Team   Enjoy activities centered on social interaction, cooperative play, conversation
        is also available. Ages 2 and up.    skills, turn taking, and many more skills appropriate for participant’s ages and
        Call 770-827-6373 or visit           ability levels while learning about spring. Engaging crafts, music lessons, play for more         opportunities, and outdoor activities provide a variety of environments. For more
        information.                         information, please call 678-640-2489. Register at

        Unique Therapy Services, LLC
        provides adaptive aquatics,
        specialized swim instruction, or
        individual aquatic physical therapy
        for children and adults with special
        needs. Licensed physical therapists
        and well-trained, experienced staff
        will guide individuals who need 1-on-1
        instruction to improve their function,
        learn to swim, and be safe around the
        water. UTS utilizes many therapeutic
        techniques and specialized equipment
        to facilitate skill development. We
        offer our programs year-round on
        Tuesdays and Thursdays (noon to 6
        p.m.) and Sundays (9:30 a.m. to 3:30
        p.m.). Please call 770-641-9239 for
        more details.

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