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Parks Are Essential . . .

                    arks and green space
                    offer a unique reprieve
                    from our daily lives
                    that are swarmed with

        Pscreens, commotion
          and what can feel like an endless
          barrage of to-do lists. If the
          pandemic in 2020 taught us
          anything, it was that we were in
          desperate need of time to slow
          down and recollect ourselves.

          More time at home with family
          gave us an opportunity to
          reconnect and rediscover each
          other and ourselves.

                                                                                   The crisis that played out during the
                                                                                   early months of Covid-19 allowed us
                                                                                   to be grateful for the little things again
                                                                                   and explore the world around us –
                                                                                   albeit close to home. Parks allowed
                                                                                   us to feel like we could get outside,
                                                                                   see new things and still stay safe
                                                                                   for our loved ones, friends and the
                                                                                   world. Gathering with our community
                                                                                   moved from indoor places to the
                                                                                   reassurance of open spaces. Our
                                                                                   weekends turned from hustle to hikes
                                                                                   and the nightly dinner rush slowed
                                                                                   down and became a welcomed
                                                                                   outdoor picnic.
                                                                                   Parks have always been essential in
                                                                                   allowing everyone in a community to
                                                                                   practice health and wellness through
                                                                                   nature. We are reminded how lucky
                                                                                   we are in Roswell to have such a
                                                                                   spectacular array of spaces to gather,
                                                                                   reconnect and rediscover.

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