Page 8 - Spring 2022 Program Brochure
P. 8

Park policy and funding can allow us to build
           something better, together.
           Our park story would not be complete without
           telling the ongoing story of our Ace Sand
           River Bank Protection and Children’s Storm
           Water Garden project. This effort will bring
           together our citizens, non-profit organizations
           and the city in a cohesive, thoughtful way.
           The Ace Sand and Children’s Storm Water
           Garden project created a space for an
           honest conversation about gathering places
           for everyone, environmental impact and          Allow us to appreciate what it
           Accompanying the goal to preserve our           means to be ‘stewards of the earth’.
           waterways for future generations, this project   We continue to celebrate our lovely outdoor spaces in Roswell
           advocated for river-oriented recreation         so it is easy to remember how precious nature is when we are
           opportunities for local, state and national     surrounded by it. Living in Roswell as a river community, we are
           visitors and economic impact. These             engrossed in the gift that is living where we can venture close to
           conversations allow us to build something       home to enjoy scenic views. The natural world is full of excitement
           better, together.
                                                           and we are home to some of nature’s thrilling experiences.
           Ace Sand Park Design Update                     As Roswell continues to evolve, grow and host new residents
           We are putting the finishing touches on the     and visitors every week, we must also remember how lucky
           design of Chattahoochee Riverpark Ace Sand      we are to share our natural wonders, like the Old Mill and
           Phase I and II project. We are excited to have a   Chattahoochee River, with everyone who comes to our backyard.
           “shovel ready” project and are actively seeking   Preserving these beautiful spaces for ourselves and others, is our
           grant opportunities to fund the construction    responsibility as good neighbors and as good stewards of the
           of this priority project. The design project    future.
           brought together citizens, non-profit groups,
           and the city’s design team in a cohesive and
           thoughtful way to design a project that was
           reflective of the communities desire for the
           park. Once funded and completed, the Ace                              Roswell’s Recreation, Parks, Historic
           Sand Children’s Storm Water and Fitness                               and Cultural Affairs Department offers
           Trail project will create a gathering place for                       dynamic camps and programs for
           everyone to use and enjoy. We are excited to                          everyone. We wake up every day with
           uncover conversations about the future of                             the goal to bring people together to
           the Chattahoochee river and our recreation                            enjoy recreation. Whether that be a
           enjoyment that it provides.                                           hiking trail, a theatre show, a scenic
                                                                                 river view, baseball game, knitting
                                                                                 circle or adaptive paddle boarding.
                                                                                 The team here at Roswell Recreation,
                                                                                 Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs has
                                                                                 the honor of serving our community
                                                                                 with accessible programs that include
                                                                                 everyone, curating pristine parks with
                                                                                 mesmerizing trails and views, all while
                                                                                 having fun with every visitor we meet!
                                                                                 We could not be more grateful to be
                                                                                 a part of Roswell and contributing in
                                                                                 our own special way to make it the
                                                                                 fun-loving, river community it is today.
                                                                                 Thank you.

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