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                                                                    The Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic and Cultural
                                                                    Affairs Department offers a wide array of different
                                                                    gymnastics programs for boys and girls of all ages.
                                                                    Gymnastics helps develop balance, intuition, strength,
                                                                    flexibility, coordination, and work ethic. Research has
                                                                    also demonstrated kids who participate in physical
                                                                    activities are more likely to have a higher level of self-
                                                                    esteem and self-efficacy while strengthening their
                                                                    cognitive and social skills. Gymnastics fuels the brain
                                                                    and the body for learning. This section will provide an
                                                                    overview of the different programs that we offer.  For
                                                                    questions about specific programs, please contact the
                                                                    gymnastics facility at 770-641-3987.

                                                                    For the class schedule offerings and fee information
                                                                    for the classes listed below, please browse our online
                                                                    brochure and register for gymnastics programs at

                                                                    GYMNASTICS PROGRAMS
                                                                    Me & My Shadow – ages 1-2, must be walking.
                                                                    Parent/child participation class
                                                                    Mommy and Me* – walking -age 2
                                                                    Little Gymnasts* – age 2, both boys and girls
                                                                    Tumble Tots* – ages 3-4, both boys and girls
                                                                    Gymtots – age 2, both boys and girls
                                                                    Kindergym – ages 3-4, both boys and girls
                                                                    Girls’ Progressive Kindergym – age 4
                                                                    Mini Cheerleading* – Saturdays. ages 5-8.
                                                                    Girls’ Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics – ages 5-10
                                                                    Girls’ Progressive Gymnastics – ages 5-11
                                                                    Girls’ Advanced Gymnastics – 6-14
                                                                    Boys’ Gymnastics – Ages 5-11
                                                                    Nationally ranked Competitive Girls’ and Boys’
                                                                    teams – AAU and USA, levels 3 through elite;
                                                                    compulsory, optional, Junior Development and excel
                                                                    (requires an evaluation by team supervisors and
                                                                    specific skill and score requirements/pre-requisites)
                                                                    AGE CONTROL DATES

                                                                    Our gymnastics programs follow the age control
                                                                    date of 9/1/21.  We keep this control date through the
                                                                    school year.  Children will move to the next age group
                                                                    beginning in June 2022.
                                                                    CONTACT US

                                                                    Physical Activity Center 770-641-3987
                                                                    *East Roswell Recreation Center, 770-594-6134

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