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Director’s Letter                                                         Inside

                            Greetings from the                                     Director’s Letter               2

                              City of Roswell                                      Registration Information        3

                                                                                   Parks + Facilities              7
                               A special thank you to the entire City
                              of Roswell team for a wonderful Youth                Athletics                      10
                             Day Celebration! It was such an honor to
                           participate in the 71st Annual Frances McGahee          Gymnastics                     11
              Youth Day Parade and I am extremely grateful to all our              Racquet Sports                 13
              participants this year who supported the event with your             Mimosa Hall Update             14
              “Stronger Together” floats! The City of Roswell is lucky to
              have such a great community to serve and this year’s Youth           Historic House Museums         15
              Day was no exception.                                                Adaptive Recreation            16

              I also want to take an opportunity and welcome our new City
              Administrator, Randy Knighton. He joined the City November           Performing Arts                20
              1, just in time for the City’s annual Holiday Tree Lighting and      Creative Arts –
              other holiday events! Visit for          Visual Arts Center             22
              information on all the activities that are planned this holiday
              season.                                                              Creative Arts –

              Lastly, I continue to be grateful to our Mayor, Council,             Art Center West                24
              Recreation Commission and our outstanding staff and                  Recreation                     26
              volunteers. Roswell truly is a great place to live, work and         Aquatics                       26
              play and I am grateful to everyone for their hard work and
              dedication to our residents and community.                           Active Adults                  28
                                                                                   Health and Wellness            33
                                                        Jeff Leatherman
                         Director of Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs    Job Fair          Back cover

        RESOURCES                                                                         ADA

        FREE LITTLE LIBRARIES                                                             The City of Rowell fully
           East Roswell Park                                                              supports the provision
           Roswell Area Park Playground                                                   of the Americans with
                                                                                          Disabilities Act and is
           Big Creek Park                                                                 committed to supporting
           Old Mill Park                                                                  and fully including persons
        DOG PARKS                                                                         with disabilities into
           East Roswell Park                                                              programs, classes, services,
           Woodstock Soccer Complex                                                       special events and public
           Leita Thompson Memorial Park                                                   facilities so that participation
                                                                                          may be enjoyed by all. If
        COMMUNITY GARDENS                                                                 special accommodations
           Leita Thompson Memorial Park                                                   are needed, please call
           East Roswell Park                                                              770-641-3705.

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