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Allow us to Introduce Ourselves . . .

 Registration Period    Resident Registration Date   Open Registration Date
 Summer 2022   March 7   March 14
 Fall & Winter 2022   July 11, 2022   July 18, 2022
 Spring 2023    January 9, 2023   January 17, 2023

                                                                        We are the definition of get up and get moving! We
                                                                        offer traditional sports like baseball, football and
                                                                        more! Looking to play lacrosse, rugby or join an
                                                                        e-sports tournament? Athletics is here to serve!
                                                                        Learn more at

                                                         Adaptive Programs
                                                         Our department offers a wide array of programming for people
                                                         of all ages with exceptionalities, disabilities, injuries and other
                                                        conditions through our adaptive programs. We continue to
                                                       develop and use leisure opportunities in ways that enhance
                                                      health, functional abilities, independence, and quality of life. Learn
                                                     more at

                                                    Active Adults
                           These programs are designed for community
                            members who are 50 and older. We believe
                              that leisure is for everyone and we curate
                                programs from technology classes to
                              knitting and even trips around the United
                           States! Join the ARC Life Membership to get
                                         started today! Learn more at


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