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Director’s Letter                                                       Our Mission

                            Greetings from the

                              City of Roswell                              The Roswell Recreation, Parks,
                                                                              Historic & Cultural Affairs
                              As we launch into our season of                 Department strives of the
                              spectacular events, camps and
                            warmer weather, we are grateful to             citizens of Roswell by providing
                       everyone who joined us in 2021. Our team                 quality, comprehensive
              is more excited than ever to continue into 2022 and          recreational opportunities and
              work hard to improve the lives of the people in our
              community. The Department of Recreation, Parks,               quality, comprehensive parks
              Historic and Cultural Affairs is anticipating a year filled            and facilities.
              with live music, movies and camps all hosted in our
              world-class parks and facilities.

              As of spring 2022, we are gearing up to announce                           13
              some exciting community input projects. Our
              department cannot wait to engage with our residents
              on a grass roots level to hear what truly matters most               Playgrounds
              to you and your family. Please continue to monitor our
              various communication channels for updates on how
              you can provide feedback to plan our future, together.             1,000+

              Our goal is to continue to provide safe and equitable
              access to the amazing Chattahoochee River, create               Acres of park land,
              immersive and engaging activities for all ages, and
              continue to be a resource for fun in Roswell.                  community gardens,
              Follow us on social media as we continue to share                      dog parks,
              everything we do with you!
                                                                           spraygrounds & more!
              Last, but certainly not least, I am excited to engage
              with our new Mayor, Council, Recreation Commission
              and our dedicated staff and volunteers. Roswell truly
              is a great place to live, work and play and I am grateful        A Special Thank You to
              to everyone for their hard work and dedication to our        Our Recreation Commission:
              residents and community.
                                                                                    Debra Ewing, Chair
                                                                                       Amour Carthy
                                                                                    Lawrence Catchpole
                                                  Jeff Leatherman                     Richard Dreger
                    Director of Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs        Jose Gonzales
                                                        Department                    Angelia Parham

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