Page 9 - Fall-Winter 2022-2023 Program Brochure
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        2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR
        An educational yet recreational based program that prepares your child
        for Kindergarten. Children benefit from a low teacher/student ratio,
        multiple rooms to enhance learning, and experienced teachers. This is
        a school year long program that requires a commitment from families.
        Fees are monthly and begin on the first month of class. There is a one
        time, non refundable registration fee of $50 and two lab fees of $25 due
        during the school year. Ages 4 and 5 on 9/1/2022. For more information
        call 770-594-6134 or email

        Children will enhance their learning, creativity, and
        imagination through crafts, story time, and creative
        play. The benefit from using multiple rooms (dance,
        gymnastics, and large gym) to enhance their basic
        movement, motor, and
        listening skills. Ages 2
        and 3 on 9/1/2022

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