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        Aqua Fit
        A cardio-based workout that uses the resistance
        of water, hand buoys, and noodles to build cardio
        endurance  and  muscular  strength.  It’s  the  optimal
        mix of cardio, strength, and core training.

        Aqua Fusion
        A challenging and exhilarating cardio workout with
        body toning. Water shoes are recommended.

        Aqua Sculpt
        This low-intensity class will focus on range of motion,
        using aqua weights to increase core strength.

        Aquatic Joint Conditioning
        A low-impact class designed for those with arthritis,
        Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia, or MS. Exercises
        will focus on pain relief, flexibility, range of motion,
        and muscular strength. Water shoes are required.

        Hydro Mix
        This fun workout will be different each class – from
        cardio and balance training, to strength training and
        water walking.

        Silver Sneakers Splash
        A variety of fun  shallow-water moves  to  improve
        agility, flexibility, and cardio endurance.

        Personal Aquatic Training
        A certified aquatic exercise specialist will help
        you discover the safest and most productive path
        towards reaching your fitness goals. Please call
        770-594-6406 to schedule an appointment or for                             Fol   lo     us
        more information.                                                     o     social    me   dia!

        Integrated Therapy
        Outpatient Aquatic Physical Therapy
        Are you experiencing chronic pain, stiff joints, difficul-
        ty walking, or would like to become stronger all while
        exercising in a safe and fun environment? Integrated
        Therapy can help. We specialize in performing physi-
        cal therapy in a warm swimming pool to help manage                  @Ro    swellRe   cAndP    arks
        and improve pain associated with chronic illnesses and
        physical limitations. Exercise is much easier when you
        can reduce joint pressures, relax tight painful muscles,
        improve cardiovascular performance, and practice
        balance without the fear of falling. We can verify your
        benefits as most treatments are covered by insurance.
        Call us at 404-351-5307 or visit to
        begin feeling better again!

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