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                                                               Indoor Aquatics

                                                               Roswell Adult Aquatic Center
                                                               Location:  Groveway Community Park, 200 Frank
                                                               Lewis Drive
                                                               This state-of-the-art indoor heated therapeutic pool
                                                               boasts five lap lanes, a zero-depth entry, a bench seat
                                                               with therapy jets, contemporary locker rooms, and a
                                                               large whirlpool. The facility serves citizens ages 25+
                                                               and children/adults with disabilities. A variety of Swim
                                                               Pass options and aquatic fitness classes are available
                                                               throughout the year, as well as lap swimming/walk-
                                                               ing. Call 770-641-3982 for more information about
                                                               our schedule, reservations, and rentals.

                                                               British Swim School Indoor Lessons
                                                               Offering water survival, learn-to-swim, and stroke
                                                               development classes to students from 3 months
                                                               to adult. Our small classes, fun and gentle meth-
                                                               ods, and highly trained instructors ensure the best
                                                               possible learning environment for all ages and
                                                               abilities! Private classes available on request. Year-
                                                               round classes held at the state-of-the-art Roswell
                                                               Adult Aquatic Center. Call 770-212-2292 or email

                                                               Adult Indoor Swim Team/Adult Fitness Swimming
                                                               This is a fitness program for Roswell Rapids Adult
                                                               Swim Team participants. Coaches will group swim-
                                                               mers by level of ability (beginner, intermediate, and
                                                               advanced). Current or former competitive swimming
                                                               experience is not required. The goal is to prepare for
                                                               the  upcoming summer season for  both recreation
                                                               and competitive swimmers.

                                                               Aqua Class Descriptions

                                                               AI CHI
                                                               A simple water exercise and relaxation class using a com-
                                                               bination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements
                                                               of arms, legs, and torso in flowing patterns. Beneficial for
                                                               balance improvement and pain management.

                                                               Aqua Aerobics
                                                               A faster-paced cardio workout that uses the resis-
                                                               tance of water to add intensity and enhance strength.
                                                               Noodles or handheld weights may also be used to
                                                               develop muscle and core strength, joint range of
                                                               motion, balance, and coordination.

                                                               Aqua Balance And Flex
                                                               Low-impact core-based pilates and yoga aquatic
                                                               exercises  to  improve  abdominal and  back  strength,
                                                               dynamic balance, flexibility, and posture. This class is
                                                               great for those looking for easy to moderate intensity.

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