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Adaptive Recreation

        Adaptive Special Events

        Movie Night                                            Adaptive Sports and Fitness
        Enjoy pizza and a family-friendly movie on a           Paddle Boarding
        big screen! The movie experience will include          Using the Onit Ability Paddle Board, our certified
        a  low-light setting, reduced volume, and addi-        adaptive paddling instructor will help special needs
        tional open space for those who wish to move           individuals  enjoy  this  fun  water  activity.  The board
        around freely. Admission fee covers food provided.     accommodates a wheelchair for those who are
        Gluten-free pizza available with advance notice.       paraplegic, amputees, or have other disabilities. For
        Participants must  register at  least 48  hours before   dates and minimum requirements to participate in
        the event. All ages welcome.                           the program, please contact the instructor directly
                                                               at or call 770-722-3972.
        Fun Night with Social Skills Today                     Sessions are 60 minutes long and fees are per ses-
        Enjoy games, activities, and a movie with qualified    sion. Ages 10+
        staff and volunteers. Order pizza by the slice when
        you register or bring your dinner. Siblings may attend   Yoga
        (with prior registration) and parents can enjoy a      Instructor Connie  Richardson  will  focus  on  building
        night out knowing their child is in a safe, fun envi-  strength, flexibility, and balance. Participants will
        ronment.  To register,  contact Social Skills Today  at   develop skills to manage stress, improve focus, and or call 678-640-2489.        increase body awareness. Using a combination of
                                                               breathing practices, physical postures, relaxation
        Annual Field Day                                       techniques, and mantra or singing, participants
        Event is co-sponsored with Roswell United Methodist    will discover ways to support their strengths and
        Church for individuals with  developmental disabil-    unique abilities. Appropriate for participants with
        ities ages 14 and up. Join us for a fun-filled day of   Down Syndrome, autism, ADHD, other learning and
        entertainment, food, prizes, and field games.          developmental disabilities. Parents and caregivers are
                                                               encouraged to participate. Ages 12+
        Adaptive Social Programs
        Adult Social Club                                      Participants will learn a variety of basic tennis skills
        This  is  a social  group  for  individuals  18  and  up.   and strokes, including forehand, backhand, serves,
        The Adult Social Club facilitates friendships while    and more. Party held on the last day of class. No
        exploring  recreation  and  leisure  activities.  Dance   experience necessary. Taught by Special Pop Tennis.
        events include dinner. Member registration must be     Ages 18+
        completed at least one week prior to dances. Annual
        membership.                                            Soccer
                                                               Designed to teach the skills of soccer to children and
        Youth Social Program                                   teens with varying ability levels. This program will
        This program includes a fun monthly social activity    focus on developing fitness and self-esteem, as well
        for ages 12 through 17. The goal of this program is    as create friendships through the joy of non-compet-
        to explore recreation and leisure while building and   itive sports games. Each session will be guided by
        strengthening social skills. Members will participate   staff and volunteers and will consist of various games
        in a different age-appropriate leisure activity each   and activities, each adapted to the needs of the
        month. Snacks will be provided. This is an annual      individuals in attendance. Ages 5 – 17

        This program focuses on socialization and the
        basic skills of bocce ball on our outdoor courts. This
        is an interactive peer-to-peer activity, parents are en-
        couraged to enjoy some free time. Please register in
        advance at Ages

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