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TAI CHI: COMFORTABLE                  CIRCUIT TRAINING                     class will be donated to support the
        (FALL: 10023 / WINTER: 20023)        (FALL: 10044 / WINTER: 20044)         National MS Society. Call the ARC at
        Practice Tai Chi, stretching and bring   In this advanced class a person-  770-641-3950 for more information.
        your brain waves down. The goal is to   al trainer works with the group at   Fees: $30
        help you realize that having your body   different stations switching from
        and mind work together automatically   Hi-Lo cardio to weight training. This   VIRTUAL SPANISH I CLASS
        reduces stress and frees your mind to   class will Increase your heart rate and   (FALL:10118 / WINTER:20118))
        choose health over disease. Results   endurance while strengthening your   An introduction to Spanish that will
        include better balance, more flexibility,   major muscle groups. Meets at Adult   focus on four key areas of foreign
        calmer behavior, improved awareness,   Rec Center.                         language study: Listening, speaking,
        body toning and peacefulness. Meets                                        reading and writing. This course will
        at Adult Rec Center.                 POSITIVE MEDITATION                   begin with learning through everyday
                                             (FALL: 10070 / WINTER: 20070)         themes like emotions, food, weather,
        YOGALATES                            In this 8-week meditation class, you   daily routines, colors, numbers and
        (FALL: 10026 / WINTER: 20026)        will practice developing positive feel-  more. Additional fee for book.
        A great beginner combination class   ings and thoughts toward yourself and
        that focuses on Pilates, yoga and    others. Meets at Adult Rec Center.    BEGINNER ADULT TAP
        stretching to develop core strength,                                       (FALL: 10141 / WINTER: 20141)
        help tone muscles, increase flexibility   DRAWING                          Learn a rhythmical form of dance that
        and reduce stress. Great for those   (FALL: 10103 / WINTER: 20103)         teaches timing, balance, and rhythm.
        wanting to incorporate some stretch-  Explore the world of drawing with    Ages 50 & up. Held at Physical Activity
        ing and light yoga moves into their   graphite, charcoal, color pencil, pastel,   Center.
        workout. Must be able to get on the   and watercolor pencil. Materials In-
        floor   Yoga Breath & Meditation: Join   cluded. Meets at Adult Rec Center.  BALLET & STRETCH
        Conny for an hour of yoga focused on                                       (FALL: 10145 / WINTER: 20245)
        breath and meditation.Meets at Adult   TAI CHI/QI GONG FOR BEGINNERS       This class will focus on traditional
        Rec Center.
                                             This low-impact exercise will improve   ballet, contemporary, and floor and
                                             your balance and coordination. You    barre stretching. A low-impact class
        ARTHRITIS EXERCISE                   will learn the traditional Yang Style   that helps to improve flexibility, pos-
        (FALL: 10030 / WINTER: 20030)        of Tai Chi as well as proper breath-  ture, balance, and placement. Ballet
        This class for ages 50+ will offer   ing and relaxation techniques of Qi   shoes required. Meets at the Physical
        participants an enjoyable and safe   Gong. A portion of proceeds from this   Activity Center.
        exercise program to reduce pain,
        fatigue and stiffness. The program
        also aims to help restore and maintain
        joint range of motion and increase
        flexibility. Participants will gain muscle
        strength, balance and coordination,
        which will improve activities of daily
        living. Meets at Adult Rec Center.

        (FALL: 10043 / WINTER: 20043)
        This fun low impact cardio class will
        incorporate Zumba, oldies and pop
        dance moves, along with some stand-
        ing abdominal and glute workouts. At
        the end we will stretch and cool down
        the body. Meets at Adult Rec Center.

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