Page 2 - Fall-Winter 2021-2022 Program Brochure
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Director’s Letter

                           Greetings City of Roswell,

                           As we have continued to strive for excellence
                           during these turbulent times, I am grateful
                           to see things shaping up to end 2021 with
                           a bang. Our team continues to create some
                           incredible programs during the pandemic and
                           continues to improve the lives of the people in
                           our community. The Department of Recre-
                           ation, Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs is
                           excited to move forward with our outstand-
                           ing parks, facilities and programs for the
                           community this fall and winter and we carry
                           this honor proudly as we start to emerge
                           into a renewed season of fun.
                             At the publishing of this letter, we are still
                           managing COVID-19 protocols and nimbly
                           navigating our way through guidelines, recommendations and safety protocols.
                           We are excited and looking forward to all opportunities that are on the horizon for
                           our community and we appreciate the community’s flexibility and understanding
                           as we continue to provide recreation and park services. Please continue to monitor
                           our various communication channels for updates as we navigate the changes.
                             Our goal is bring back the exciting and spectacular events, holiday programs and
                           more by year end so that we can resume at full speed once more.
                             While we have not included them in this year’s programming yet, please monitor
                           our website and social media for updates. Throughout the year, we will add any
                           changes and additional activities and events that we are able to provide on behalf
                           of the community.
                             Lastly, I continue to be grateful to our Mayor, Council, Recreation Commission
                           and our outstanding staff and volunteers. Roswell truly is a great place to live, work
                           and play and I am grateful to everyone for their hard work and dedication to our
                           residents and community.

                                                                                 Jeff Leatherman
                           Director of Recreation, Parks, Historic & Cultural Affairs Department

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