Page 16 - Fall-Winter 2021-2022 Program Brochure
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        Purchase an Annual Tennis Pass or
        Online Outdoor Court Pass at                                              Tennis Practices/Drills for our young
                                                                                    players is now easier than ever to
        Passes may be purchased onlin at                                            get involved. We have broken it or applied for at                                 down to three simple steps:
        City Hall (38 Hill Street, Suite 100) Monday
        through Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm Your individu-                               1 Find the correct age group for
        al pass will be linked to the online reservation                            your young player
        system providing access to free online court                                2 Select a program where the
        reservations (restrictions apply). Passes are    YOUTH                      date(s) and time(s) fit your schedul-
        valid from January 1through December 31 for                                 ing needs

        all league play and open play. Passes are NOT    TENNIS                     3 Register!
        Prorated, transferable, or valid for instruction or               
        team practices.                                                               Youth Tennis

        ONLINE OUTDOOR COURT PASS                      That’s it! Our Tennis instructors will separate the players into skill
        The Online Outdoor Court Pass gives Roswell    levels when the players arrive for the Practice session. The Tennis
        residents a discounted rate to reserve courts via   instructor will reach out to each participant prior to the start of the
        the online court reservation system. Whether   session with details via SMS text message or Email. Our instructors
        your sport is Tennis or Pickleball, this pass links   will keep the participants informed regarding any rain cancellations.
        to your online account allowing for discounted   All rain make-up sessions will occur one week after the last scheduled
        court reservations. Pass includes 10 online court   session.
        reservations that never expire and you may use   Locations: Roswell Area Park Tennis Courts & East Roswell Park
        them at any City of Roswell outdoor court facil-  Tennis Courts
        ity. Residents may reserve 7 days in advance.
        Non-Residents may reserve 3 days in advance.   YOUTH GROUP TENNIS PART I (AGES 5 & 6) AND
                                                       YOUTH GROUP TENNIS PART II (AGES 7 & 8)
        Whether your sport is pickleball, racquetball, or         Tennis practice/drills using the RED BALL – Beginner
        badminton, you can use this card to get a round           Players. Recommended Racquet Sizes: 4-6 years old-21”;
        of play in or try one of the other racquet sports.        6-9 years old-23”
        It never expires and is transferable. You get 10          Red Ball-Red felt or foam-Moves slower and bounces
        indoor play sessions. Passes are NOT valid for            lower than the orange ball or traditional yellow ball.
        instruction, team practices, or outdoor court   JUNIOR GROUP TENNIS AND JUNIOR GROUP PLUS
        reservations. Purchase in person at the East
        Roswell Park Recreation Center or the Bill John-  TENNIS (AGES 9-11)
        son Community Activity Building in Roswell     Tennis practice/drills using the ORANGE BALL – Beginner Players.
        Area Park.                                                Recommended Racquet Sizes: 9-12 years old-25”, Teen-
        Fees: $30 residents/$40 non-residents                     Adult-Standard 27”
                                                                  Orange Ball-Moves slower and bounces lower than green
                                                                  dot ball or traditional yellow ball

                                                                 Junior Group Plus- Utilizes the GREEN DOT BALL –
                                                                 A slightly reduced bounce from the traditional yellow ball

                                                       TEEN GROUP TENNIS (AGES 11-17)
                                                       Tennis practice/drills using the Traditional YELLOW BALL – Beginner

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