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        The Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs           ATHLETIC PROGRAMS/LEAGUES
        Department offers a wide array of different athletic programs for      Adult Team Sports – Basketball, Soccer,
        both youth and adults. This section will provide an overview of        Softball
        the different programs that we offer. For questions about specific     Baseball – Lead-Off ages 4-5, recreation-
        programs, please contact our program staff using the directory         al, select and travel levels for ages 6-15,
                                                                               Basketball – Tip-Off ages 4-6, recreation-
        on page 13.                                                            al for 2nd-10th grade, Teen League for
        Browse and register at                   9th-12th grade

        Athletic programs register BEFORE open program registration.           Cheerleading – Grades K-5th
        Fall Athletics – Resident registration began in March for August start dates  Football – Flag offered Grades K-8th,
        Winter & Spring Athletics – Resident registration begins in July 2021 for   Tackle offered Grades 2nd-5th
        October (winter) & February (spring) start dates                       Lacrosse – Face-Off ages 4-6, recreation-
                                                                               al and travel levels for 2nd-8th grade
        FEES                                                                   Rugby – Grades K-10th
        The athletic division has an early bird registration fee. If you register prior   Racquet Sports – ages 5-adult
        to two weeks before the program start date then you will receive a 10%   Soccer – Kiddie Kickers ages 2-3, World
        discount. All athletic program charges will be at the regular rate starting two   Cup ages 4-5, recreational and select
        weeks prior to the start date of programs.                             levels for ages 6-18
                                                                               Softball (fast pitch) – ages 5-18
                                                                               Tiny Tykes/Sportykes – ages 2-4
                                                                               Volleyball – ages 9-14
                                                                               AGE CONTROL DATES
                                                                               Our athletic programs have different ways
                                                                               of determining the age range for individual
                                                                               sports. This is primarily due to our affilia-
                                                                               tions with local, state, and national organi-
                                                                               zations that require us to follow their age
                                                                               guidelines. Please look at the individual
                                                                               sport online to to determine the correct
                                                                               age range for your child.

                                                                                 WEATHER HOTLINE
                                                                                 You can check program/field status
                                                                                 easily in one of these convenient
                                                                                 Phone: 678-582-1424
                                                                                 Subscribe to e-mail/text alerts or
                                                                                 download the RainoutLine mobile
                                                                                 app on your smartphone at

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